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The exhibitions


Welcome to discover the exhibitions curated by Alex Marè.

Each exhibition is a journey into the art of photography, an experience that tells stories and captures emotions in a unique way. Give yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating visions of this artist and discover the world through his attentive eye.
Welcome to a world of images that speak to the heart and soul.

Mostra Fotografica L'assunta al duomo di fermo di Alex Marè

The meeting between the devotion to the Virgin of the Assumption, patron saint of the Archdiocese of Fermo and the sublime art of black and white photography, gives life to an important project which will be exhibited from 15 July in the Cathedral of Fermo.

The images constitute a permanent exhibition and are displayed on the second floor of the Fermo Police Headquarters, i.e. on the Police Headquarters floor.

Mostra Fotografica di Alex Marè in Questura a Fermo
Mostra Fotografica di Alex Marè Donne in divisa in Questura a fermo con la commissione pari opportunità della Regione Marche

March 8th, Women's Day marks an important moment of the year and Alex Marè wanted to highlight it through an image of a Woman in Uniform.

Who I am

My name is Alex Marè

Photographer and Communication Expert.
Visual narrator of human challenges.

I explore the beauty in the world and share it through images.

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Chi è Alex Marè
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