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Let yourself be immersed in the fascinating universe of Alex Marè, a talented photographer, whose creative spirit and artistic commitment have captured the attention of people and institutions around the world.

With a career that spans fashion photography, visual art and writing, Alex has made every moment an opportunity to explore the essence of human life and tell it uniquely through his lens.
His ability to capture the beauty and strength of humanity is evident in each of his creations.

In this space, we invite you to discover his extraordinary books, visual and literary testimonies of unique moments in history and everyday life. Each page is a journey into the emotions, stories and hopes of those who have crossed his lens.

Copertina libro di Alex Marè Ritratto Fotografico

Immortalizing souls: “Few think of portrait photography the way a painter once did,” he says. For artists, the portrait has always been the tool with which to represent their perception of an era. The author of the book confesses that it was not easy to capture the essence of a hundred people.

Do you still believe that photography is still a historical document and that it depicts reality as it once was?
In this book the photographer Alex Marè will make you reflect on what you really want photography to be for you and you will have the opportunity to think about many aspects, often put in the background.

Discover the book
Copertina del libro di Alex Marè edito da Amazon dal titolo 100 domande che ogni fotografo deve farsi

Who I am

My name is Alex Marè

Photographer and Communication Expert.
Visual narrator of human challenges.

I explore the beauty in the world and share it through images.

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Alex Marè
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