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The National Police

The permanent exhibition in the Fermo Police Headquarters

Seven photographs, captured by Marè for the Fermo Police Headquarters, tell key moments such as the Cavalcata dell'Assunta, the State Police Band at the L'Aquila Theatre, and two officers in front of the Fermo Cathedral. The artist, commissioned by the Police Commissioner Rosa Romano, documented police events, contributing to the Police's 2021 Christmas Campaign.

Alex Marè insieme al Questore di Fermo della Polizia di Stato Dott.ssa Rosa Romano
Mostra fotografica di Alex Marè in questura a fermo

The Press Release

The photographer Marè pays homage to the State Police


Today the Fermo photographer Alex Marè paid homage to the State Police and in particular the Fermo Police Headquarters, donating 7 images.


<These images> says Alex Marè <they are the result of the work of people who every day carry out a very important activity for our territory, with passion and dedication.

Every individual carries out important tasks for our society and above all protecting it on a daily basis.

My thought is to pay homage to each uniform, since behind each of them there is: a Man or a Woman, who carries out a delicate job.>


There are 7 photographs and they portray important moments immortalized by Marè for the Fermo Police Headquarters, such as: the Horse Unit during the Cavalcata dell'Assunta, the State Police Band at the L'Aquila Theatre, the image of the Volante and two officers in front of the Fermo Cathedral and so on.

In fact, in the past years the artist has photographed events of the State Police several times on commission from the Police Commissioner Dr. Rosa Romano, and some of his shots have been chosen by the Ministry of the Interior to represent, for example, the Christmas Campaign for the Police of the year 2021.

The Commissioner of Police received these images with great joy and surprise, commenting on them: <I thank the author of the photographic shots, Alex Mare', for having given us some photos dedicated above all to the women and men of the Fermo Police Headquarters, who are involved not only on a daily basis in the defense of the State but above all during the period characterized by the Covid 19 pandemic emergency. The images of the photos which represent some moments of the work of the Flying Squad as well as of our presence in service during the historical procession of the Palio dell'Assunta, perfectly express the spirit of that period, the complexity of managing to carry out work and events which were still guaranteed albeit with distancing and masks.

Alex Marè's photos are also a way to thank the State Police for the efforts, sacrifices and losses suffered due to Covid. Images that tell all this.>

The images will constitute a permanent exhibition and will be displayed on the second floor of the Fermo Police Headquarters, or on the floor of the Commissioner of Police.

Who I am

My name is Alex Marè

Photographer and Communication Expert.
Visual narrator of human challenges.

I explore the beauty in the world and share it with empathy.

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Chi è Alex Marè
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